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- Donna Dyck

A congregation from amongst street involved people

Dear friends of the re-build,
A Seeker — My wife meets with a middle aged woman coming out. They have developed a warm friendship. She is a seeker of truth and is slowly opening her heart to Christ. She struggles though to believe that amidst the hardships of her life God cares for her. She described to Donna that twice in recent days she has opened her iPad and the words that appeared there in large and bold print stated, ‘Jesus loves you.’ She asked Donna if that is normal. She is very near the kingdom and we pray that day will come very soon.
Healing — It was Saturday night and the crowds of street people had come; an extremely full night again. One elderly woman was hobbling around our building through the evening with a cane. Walking was hard and painful. One of the young men from a church that partners with us asked her if he could pray for her. He did and she was healed instantly. He told me about it, as did she. The cane was put aside and she walked home at the end of the evening like a young woman. The relief and happiness on her face was striking. The woman lives in a shelter nearby and comes faithfully to Saturday evening meal and worship. The Lord is raising up a congregation from amongst street involved people and He is ministering to their need.
Internationals — Faith in Focus (FiF), our Sunday evening church plant, has begun a ‘meet-up’ group online that has now gained a membership of over 1000 international students and newcomers to Canada. Out of that online group they are invited to practice English Sunday afternoons which many come to. A meal is served and friendships are developed. Some stay for worship and have become part of the community. Recently FiF began a weekly basic discipleship class. Opportunity is given to them to ask questions around certain aspects of Christian doctrine. They enjoy the class immensely. Though some settle here in Canada, many of these internationals are with us only a short time. 
Parkdale New Venture — Our youth pastor has been welcomed in the local high school as coach for some of their teams. This has opened the way for many good relationships. He now meets with some of them for weekly Bible study in the gospel of John. All of them come from ourside Canada, with long standing family traditions that are different than ours. They are making the Bible study a priority. May God enlighten their hearts so they come to know Christ.
Breaking free — One of the prayers I have been praying with conviction of late has to do with breaking the stronghold of drinking in our community. 24/7 there is drunkenness on our intersection. I have done countless funerals of people, particularly from among the poor, who have died of drinking related illnesses. The hopelessness and degradation that flows from a life of drunkenness is beyond comprehension. Of late, however, I have seen some very encouraging things. One man has been sober for 70 days; he stopped by to report to us. Another has been dry for over 3 months. Another is leaving town and going to Montreal to get away from the community and find her way back into her kids’ lives. I could describe more than that. Join me in praying for these people, may God set them free from this deep bondage.
Building search — We continue to pursue the vision of relocating our church slightly down the road into South Parkdale, in a building that we will own. Our church is united in this decision though setbacks are many. We are confident that God will provide a place for us that will be home for our church and a centre for church planting in the Downtown. Our re-build fund is at just under $600,000. Praise God. Thank you to all who contribute to this vision. We count it a privilege being a ‘district fund-raising project.’
Bill Dyck
November 15, 2014

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