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- Jackie

Building & Ministry Update

Dear friends of the Re-Build,

Building Update

Allow me to update you with some good news. 

We are so encouraged to be in meaningful conversation with a church just down the road from us over the sale of their building. They are a thriving church whose members live everywhere but in the downtown and are being forced to let go of a their building here and relocate north of the 401. The building is exactly where we would like to locate. 

This has quickly become a matter of some urgency.  We are in a critical window of time as we prepare to make an offer.  At present, we have raised about $685,000.  We also have commitments for another $125,000.  This is a lot of money and represents gracious gifts on the part of many people over the years.  However, we need an additional $1.5 million for the down deposit given what the bank will require for ongoing debt to service ratio.  We need that amount of money or a pledge to that effect by the end of October.


Ministry Update 

Salvation—On each of the last two Sundays, we prayed with someone to receive Christ.  One is a woman reeling from the pain of divorce and the other is a man in a treatment program for an addiction.  Similar prayers are uttered, not uncommonly on the streets with people who look to us for hope.  One woman forcibly sat me down on a bench as I was passing by and declared to me, ‘I don’t know what to do.  I have sinned so unbelievably much.’  Those were her opening words.  I took her to the Lord Jesus and to Him she presented herself in a beautiful prayer of contrition.  That this church is here in the city centre to meet the broken and direct them to the Master is so important.

Maturity—We are receiving into membership an elderly woman who we baptized a few years ago.  She is First Nations by ethnicity.  She has experienced divine healing a number of times.  Many of her people in the community look to her.  She has it in her heart to be a pastor to them.  We want to train her in shepherding the people who already find refuge with her.  This is key to effectively reaching the many First Nations people in this community.   

We deeply appreciate your partnership with us in rebuilding for a future in the heart of the city.  Thank you for considering this important request.

Bill Dyck, Sr. Pastor 

Toronto Alliance Church 

September 15, 2015

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