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...it's all about a return to roots with very new shoots and the possibility of very many new fruits... It really is the rebirth of a vision."...Read More
- Charles Nienkirchen

Next Steps

Rebuild Committee

The Board of TAC is being represented by this committee as it works to prepare the funding partners, the financial model, the mortgage needed, search for available properties, etc. all regarding an eventual  purchase. 

Building up a People

Church leadership is preparing for a strong congregation able to sustain growth in Parkdale. The initiative needs a strong, mature church, able to stand firm and take on greater works of service.

Developing Ministries in Parkdale

We do outreach in Parkdale schools, homes, rented facilities, soccer fields, parks – often paying rent.  Now we also lead our Sunday ministries in a rented church there.  It is clear to all that we need a space of our own there.

Capital Campaign Promotion

Speaking in churches regarding the work and vision of the church continues, communicating with donors, and presenting to interested individuals is leading to the partnered support needed to realize this vision.